According to a popular African proverb, generally attributed to the Ghanaian scholar Dr. Janes Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey (1875-1927), "if we educate a boy, we educate a man and if we educate a girl, we educate a family, and in consequence, a nation". Our own father of the nation seems to confirm this when he says, "educate one man, you educate one person, but educate a woman and you educate a whole civilization". These may sound rather hyperbolic to some but there is no denying the fact that educated girls and women play a multifaceted unique role in building families, society and nation, as responsible citizens, leaders,teachers, wives and mothers. Both these great men of history were prompted to say what they did because of the abysmal record of girls’ education in their own respective countries. True, India has made some strides, particularly so during the last few decades, in promoting girls’ education, but then we all know that we have a very long way to go before we make our motherland a place where women’s education is at par with that of their counterparts.

       It has been the ardent endeavour of Nirmala Girls’ Higher Secondary School, right from its inception, to be a catalyst in the field of girls’ education and empowerment, providing a positive, safe, caring and engaging environment for holistic education and integral human formation of students, in particular those who are from the poorer and weaker sections of the society, as per the avowed charism of the Congregation of Immaculate Conception. Conscientious and concerted efforts therefore are made, with the cooperation of every stake holder -students, teachers, parents, guardians and others who matter- not only to impart quality education to students but also to nurture in them family spirit, altruistic sentiments, respect for diversities and care and concern for the environment.

       Years have gone by so fast since we began carefully tending the girls to make them knowledgeable, self-confident and self-reliant and to help them discover and develop their dormant inner potentials so as to make them competent and confident to courageously face the challenges of life. Evidently, there are new faces in the school campus every year but it doesn’t take much time for them to get integrated and absorbed into the ethos of the school family. We see faces bubbling with joy, delight, excitement and contentment; we also see faces that mirror puzzlement, uncertainly, sorrow and despair. There is laughter, tears...we get to see the whole gamut of emotions, flowing freely. But each time we see a sad face transform into a joyous one, we know that we have done something right and very fulfilling.

        Nirmala school has a long history of achievements be it in academic field or in extra-curricular activities. With a long string of accolades for its accomplishments, it has raised the bar of excellence. I thank everyone, both of the past and the present, for making what our school is today.

        I invite each one of you- teachers, students, parents, guardians and our friends from both the academic and civil fields, to give your best, with renewed enthusiasm and commitment towards scaling new heights in every aspect of girls’ education and empowerment so as to increasingly bring about quality change in our families, communities, nation and the society as a whole. Let us journey together with confidence, discipline and hard work to realize this shared dream.

I heartily invite the freshers to walk into this world of creative learning with faith, focus and purpose. God bless you!

Sr.Sahaya Kanakam